Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hello readers!

How have you been?

So I made this article about now telling you how this blog will be from now on. Since on my blog it says that you like to relate to things  and to feel like you have someone beside you, I am going to start that.

I will still post information, just not that much anymore. Don't worry, I will leave all the blogs I have done here :)

If you guys don't know by now, I'm a total fangirl. That's why I like posting about the boy bands and all that girly things, but I still wanted to post interesting information that people do talk about until today or don't. If you read all my blogs, you will notice.

So, I think that's about it. I know it isn't an article, but I just wanted to make this update so you guys will know what to expect from this blog.

Bye wonderful readers, love ya!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hello wonderful readers!

I know I haven't uploaded an article since June. I am sorry for any of you that have been waiting for me to post new articles over the summer.The truth is that I actually forget I even had a blog. Can you believe it? Me. Yeah I know, but I am truly sorry. I will start posting soon though.

The only reason I even started this blog is because it was for English class in school, but since now since I don't have the same teacher as I did last year, I forget about having a blog over the summer. I don't know if that makes scene to you, but all I mean is that this blog was for last year for class, but since I don't have that class anymore, I don't need the blog.

But I am not going to delete my blog at all because I actually do like posting. I will now be posting at least 1-3 times a month or maybe even more if I have enough time.

But anyway, I just wanted to post this, or shall I say update about this blog, and I guess I'll see you wonderful people soon, BYE!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Vine is a world-wide sensation app with over 1 million users. You post videos for 6 seconds of pure genius. Vine is an app that has everyone talking. It makes people laugh,smile,amazed, and everything beyond. Some people don't know why people think it's amazing, but if they don't believe in Vine, then they don't know.
      As one of my article named "The Vine Boys". They were known on Vine at first, but now are living the dream. One of the vine boys named Shawn Mendes is now on tour with Austin Mahone. Shawn sings and does covers of songs that has every girl swooning for him. Since Shawn left Magcon ( Meet and Greet Convention ) for awhile, he was replaced by Jacob Whiteside. But Shawn does come back to Magcon time to time to see his wonderful fans.

I believe Vine is a wonderful app that lets people all over the world have laugh. It brings smiles and laughs on peoples faces, and that is the makers goal. Vine is amazing and gets me excited for new videos, also for others. Vine is wonderful and I hope everything goes well for the users and make their dreams come true.

Shawn Mendes

Friday, May 30, 2014



Ever heard of him? Who? I am talking about Poseidon. He is the god of water, horses and earthquakes. He is the protector of the seas and oceans. Poseidon's name in Roman is Neptune. He has 2 other brothers named Zeus and Hades. Zeus is the king of gods, and Hades is the god of the underworld. Even though Poseidon is one of of the supreme gods, he spent most of his time in the water. He is powerful, creative, and determined. All of these made people respect him as a god because they would get afraid of him because Poseidon does revenge if you disrespect him.


I believe that Poseidon is a very powerful, likable god. Even though he may punish you, he would at least have a reason to, unlike other gods who just like to release their anger on the humans. Poseidon is a nice god and caring god when he sees that the person did nothing wrong, and has respected him. I think people like him because of his history and the beliefs. Poseidon's biggest weakness is warlike, he is unpredictable. He's greatest strength is to control the water.   


Friday, May 16, 2014



These are the " Vine Boys ", they are pretty famous. They are of course known as for doing vines and they are most noticed for it. They have the a lot of followers and views on social media. They are currently on tour. The tour they are doing is called the " Magcon Tour ". These 9 boys are one of the most known viners and are absolutely considered very cute and I will have to agree.


My 2 favorite viners are Carter Reynolds and Matthew Espinosa. But, I might love Matthew a tiny bit more.
I love all the boys and I am so happy that they are on the Magcon tour. I am happy that they make the fans happy and just be themselves. They are celebrities, and I'm glad that they're not changing because of the fame and the money. I just would want the best for them and hope they are still themselves as they continue to grow.

Top Ten Facts:

1. Matthew favorite color is green
2. Matthew is 16 
3. Carter is 17
4. Nash is 17
5. Jack G. is 17
6. Jack J. is 17
7. Shawn is 16
8. Taylor is 18
9. Cameron is 20
10. They all have more than 150k follows on vine


I believe these boys are amazing and they have a bright future. I love all of them and I love their vines. I hope they become big soon. So to sum up this article, I believe that these boys are amazing.


1. Do you follow any of them if you have a vine?
2. Who is your favorite member?
3. Did you like this article?

I hoped you liked this article. See you next time!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kidnapping Taking Over?! (Myth)

“Kidnapping Over Blown?!”
A kidnapping being too much to handle
Natasha Kiruri
Staff Reporter
Fans were scattered, scared and nervous for the next event. On April 1,2014, at Central Park, New York boy band sensation One Direction have been kidnapped. Witnesses say Sharkisha, the girl who just came from jail after the viral fight video did it. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, came down for heaven and was caught talking to Australian boy band, 5 Seconds Of Summer. She gave them powers and sent off to the search.

Geologists say that Athena is a fan of both bands and when she found out, she went crazy. We got a witnesses to talk to us, who said, “ I saw her and 5 Seconds Of Summer getting on horses with wings and the roared into the sky and they just disappeared. They just turned into disappeared in sparkles.” She also said that was the last time she saw them. Resources say that Sharkisha kidnapped One Direction because her mother wouldn't buy her any tickets. Isn't it crazy! I know that sounds crazy, but it says Sharkisha is a very huge fan.
We haven’t heard of anything ever since this situation. As a reminder, they have been missing for a week and continuing if they aren't found. The police are still looking for them and they haven’t found enough clues to lead them to the band. If you have news please contact us at 555-555-555. This is Natasha Kiruri, and this is your local newspaper.

Contact Number: 555-555-555

Friday, April 25, 2014

Down A Dark Hall..... ( Book Recommended )


Down A Dark Hall is a very interesting book. It's about a girl named Kit, who is 16 years old adventure when she heads to a boarding school named Blackwood. The only reason she is going their is because her mom got remarried and her step-father and mom are going on a one year honeymoon. Kit wasn't very happy and complained and tried to persuade them to let her come with them or to live with her best friend, Tracy, but they won't allow it. When Kit arrived at Blackwood, she felt the creeps, uncomfortable, and she was curious. She wondered why Blackwood was in the middle of nowhere.The word that Kit thought when she saw the school was evil and when she met the owner, Madame Duret, she got a weird feeling in her stomach.
   Later on in the story, Kit met 3 other girls named Sandy, Lynda and Ruth. But soon, out of nowhere Lynda drew a picture of Kit and it was amazing, but the thing is, she never took art lessons. Ruth was becoming more of a genius in math because their were more things she had never understood and out of nowhere she did. Lastly, Kit talent was music and Sandy was poet, and they have never done that before. So when these girls find out the real truth at Blackwood, how are they going to escape?


I believe that " Down A Dark Hall " is a very good book. It has mystery, horror and it's very detailed in words that make it more interesting. The characters attitude and personality is amazing and how the author related some people who made history or is still alive make them so realistic. I would suggest this for kids and teens because it may be their reading level, but also adults can read this, this is how good the book is.
This is my opinion on " Down A Dark Wall ".


To sum up this article, I believe down the dark hall is a very good book and that when you have the chance. I love the book a lot and I hope you do to. This is the end of the article.


1.I dare you to read this amazing book